Beautiful Colours — The Handicrafts of Rajasthan



Welcome to BaseCamp Sunder Rang - featuring The Beautiful Colours of Rajasthan Handicrafts.

Sunder Rang means beautiful colours in Hindi and to us that name symbolizes not only the colourful clothes of the women and the bright turbans of the men but also the richness in culture, crafts, nature and hospitality you find in Rajasthan.

In 2007, the BaseCamp Foundation of Norway partnered with the Chandelao Vikas Sansthan (Chandelao Development Organization) to create a new organization which would provide the women of Chandelao with an opportunity to support themselves by sales of their handicrafts, to train younger women of the community in traditional skills, and to provide a focus of community development. Thanks to the generosity of BaseCamp Foundation and its donors, a handsome work area and showroom made of traditional materials in traditional style were built where today up to 16 women from the community work daily.

Rajasthan is a region famous for its diversity and richness in arts and crafts, for example embroidery, pottery, block printing and weaving. The craftspeople are in competition by modern and industrially produced products and the designs do not in many cases live up to what the market requires. Therefore many artisans can’t live on their profession and stop practicing the traditional crafts. In some cases the knowledge is about to disappear.

Our aim is to maintain and support the local craft skills and develop high quality products with unique Rajasthani designs, and to create a sustainable source of income for the women in Chandelao village.

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This is a Basecamp Foundation Project. Basecamp and the Chandelao community appreciate your interest in Basecamp Sunder Rang. This project is an integral part of Basecamp’s responsible tourism concept. Your support is vital to its success.

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